Our Mission:

To help prevent the native wildlife populations in the Everglades from being wiped out by a growing tide of exotic invasive species.

Our Vision:

Using social media and other platforms, we will create and distribute public awareness projects. These projects will draw attention to the need for an increase in the number of eradication and/or management programs needed to protect the native wildlife of the Florida Everglades.

Our Goal:

To establish a broad media brand where the general public will learn to appreciate the Everglades, the native animals that live there and the events that take place that effect both. The growing alliance will also seek partnerships with educational institutions to introduce to it's students the importance for continued action to preserve the native wildlife in the Everglades for years to come.


The Everglades Wildlife Alliance (E-W-A) is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida based non-profit 501 (c)(3)organization. Our concentration will be on investigative ecological news reporting and film production. In the tradition of conflict correspondents, the organization will participate in action in the Everglades and will produce short films, videos, commercials, websites, photography and other varied media programs that will be aired across a wide spectrum of social and traditional media outlets. The primary focus of the organization is to be an active media platform that will draw attention to the many issues affecting the quality of life of the native wildlife in the Everglades and the survival of the Everglades itself.

Our group will also assist the other organizations involved in trying to help the Everglades.

Many exotics have made their way into the Everglades as a result of hurricanes and the illegal releasing of unwanted house pets into the wild.  Those who release these pets probably do not understand the severe devastation that they are causing to Florida’s environment.

In the bigger picture, numerous stalled Everglades restoration projects threaten the ecosystems that support all wildlife in South Florida.  This is also a growing concern that will be covered.

Alliance Partners will be recognized on many of the film/video credits.

The Everglades Wildlife Alliance (E-W-A) has made strides into the Florida college arena with a co-project with Barry University. It is our wish to continue those efforts and to push for public awareness into the Broward county school system as well. The need to inspire everyone to care about the native animals of the Everglades has to grow.
— Kevin McCarthy, The Everglades Wildlife Alliance (E-W-A)
Getting ready

Getting ready

What We've Achieved

  • A joint program (PSA) with Barry University to bring awareness to the students in its film classes and then on campus.
  • Participated in the first ever Python Challenge sponsored by the state in 2013.
  • Became involved with a number of state sponsored organizations with the goal to address the growing invasive animal and plants of the Everglades.
  • Expanded our alliance to include 5 private organizations to help with our efforts.
  • Have increased our worldwide internet presence to include Facebook,Pinterest, YouTube and 5 other social media sites.
  • Will be the primary source for state sponsored organizations to have video productions created for use on their websites and additional marketing efforts.
  • Have developed a drone program to help up-grade our production quality.